Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  It was a crazy long/busy weekend at work, so for once I'm glad to see Monday here =)

Emma came home from school on Friday with this certificate..

She was given this for Student of the Month at her school =)  We are VERY proud of her!!

This weekend was our towns Fall Celebration.  And unfortunately since I was working I wasn't able to see the parade which Emma was in.

She was on the float for our church, and their float ended up winning 1st place in the children's division!  =)

Saturday morning, it was COLD.  Winter is right around the corner =(

 On my way home from work Saturday I stopped to get Brian a coffee, and I found that Dunkin Donuts now has caramel macchiatos =)

I'm in love.

Sunday early evening we were outside playing, and the girls were being so funny and cute I might add =)

I <3 these two.

We found last night that Alyx likes chickens!

She was chasing them all over the place.  She would touch them and they would peck at her =)  It was pretty cute.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!!  And hope you all had a great weekend =)


  1. Way to go Emma on student of the month!
    36° is entirely too cold, but a high of 64° sounds heavenly.
    Alyx is so much braver than I would be around chickens!

  2. Such cute pics of the girls! I can't believe it was already only 36 degrees!

  3. Congratulations to Emma on being Student of the Month!! I am so so sad for you that it got that cold!!! It is just TOO soon!! I hope your planning a mid winter vacation to some place sunny...you definitely deserve it!! :)

  4. Yay Emma for being student of the week
    That float looked great, no wonder they won first place :)