Thoughts for Thursday {09/17/15}

We're almost there Friends!  It's almost Fridayyy!!  To say it's been a long week is an understatement.  Brian finally comes home tomorrow evening, and we couldn't be more excited!!

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Emma came home from school yesterday to find a surprise on our front porch...

Flowers and a balloon delivery for daddy =)  She was so so excited!  My parents came down and we celebrated her birthday at her choice, The Texas Roadhouse. I still cannot believe she is 9!  Time.slow.down!!!

I posted about these pumpkin chocolate muffins the other day, and if you haven't tried them, you must!  I had Emma choose what she wanted for a snack to bring into her class and this is what she chose.

These are seriously so easy!  I box of chocolate cake mix, 1 can of pumkin and 1 cup of chocolate chips.  Easy easy!  Emma absolutely loves them =)

We have a superstar in our family...

She definitely rocks those shades ;)

Happy Thursday Friends!!