Show and Tell Tuesday =)

Happy Tuesday!  I am linking up today with Andrea from Momfessionals, for Show and Tell Tuesday =)

Today we are talking about, What five people would you invite to a dinner party at your house.  It was fun thinking of just 5 people to here is who I would want to invite to sit around my dinner table

The Pioneer Woman.  Yes!  I LOVE her!  She actually has a real name...It's Ree Drummond.  I think she may even be able to assist me in cooking for the dinner party =)

Maybe she could even bring over some of her new cookware line for me ;) Haha

Ellen DeGeneres =)  We love her!  She's funny and probably one of the most generous people in show business.

I think we need someone who can sing at our dinner party, and I've always wanted to see this person in concert, and anytime I've ever seen an interview with him, he's always been really funny!  So my number 3 guest would be...

Garth =)  Who doesn't love him!  Okay, maybe there are some people that don't care for him, but I love him!  

Princess Kate =)  Not only is she beautiful, but she seems so down to earth.  I want to invite her over, and maybe she can share some of her beauty secrets with me and some style secrets too =)

Okay, so I am breaking the rules here.  But my last person, couldn't just come alone.  They are a couple so they would have to come together, because honestly I love both of them equally as much!

Chip & Joanna Gaines =)  They are both hysterical, and I would love for them to give us some advice about different things we could do to our house! 

I think all of our guests would get along great =)

They may not all know each other, but I think we could all still have great conversation, and it would be fun getting to know everyone!! 

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!