Life Lately.

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a great weekend, and were able to enjoy your Labor Day!  
Let me tell you, we had a GREAT weekend!!!  Friday night we spent the evening at home, making homemade pizza and watching some TV.  We love to make our own pizza over ordering out.  Everyone can pick their own toppings, and that makes everyone happy =)

Saturday morning I hit up an awesome yard sale.  I love when you find really great clothes at really amazing prices =)  I also hit up the farmers market, and was sooo impressed this weekend with it.  There were a ton of vendors and TONS of fresh veggies.  We tried a yellow watermelon, which was soooo sooo good!  

In the afternoon we went apple picking!  I wasn't expecting to go quite this early, but i'm so glad we did.  The picking was amazing.  Last year was a bad year for apples around here, and this year was really great.  I have tons of pictures to share, but that will be for another post =)

We actually managed to get a picture with all of us smiling!  Not sure how that happened ;) 

That evening we went to the park with some friends.

Sunday we spent the day with my parents at the ocean, and had lunch at a lobster pound.  I have a ton of pictures from that day as well to share soon =)

Yesterday at Bath & BodyWorks they were having a really good sale on all of the hand soaps.  $3.00 a piece =)  

I love this scent!  I picked up a few bottles to keep on hand.  I'm not sure if the sale is still going on...i'm pretty sure that it probably is.  If it should stock up as well =)
Another sale that I noticed is at Yankee Candle, Buy1 Get1 1/2 off.  I'll be going there this week! 
Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I think this year might be the first year in quite a while, that we don't make it out to the apple orchard. Makes me kind of sad. I love takin the kids!

  2. Yay for such a fun weekend!! I am a HUGE fan of yard/garage sales!! So many treasures and deals to be found!! Hope you have a great week! :)

  3. Your weekend was a good one!
    So many people went apple picking this weekend. I had no idea apples would be good this early. I have that as a fall to-do, but maybe I should move up the date to do so.
    That pic of the four of you is SO GOOD!!! Don't you just love it when pictures come out that well!