Is it Friday yet?

It's Tuesday.  But it feels like it should be Friday already! haha  It's been a crazy 2 days.  We had Field Hockey last night.  I love to watch Emma play.  She is getting really good at it, and she has fun!

Every other Monday I work. And yesterday I worked.  I was up at 4am to be at work at 6am.  I got out of work at 4pm, went and picked Alyx up from daycare, and then went straight home to get Emma to be at Field Hockey by 5:15.  We never got home until almost 8:00 last night, and neither of the girls had dinner.  I was exhausted, and both of the girls were exhausted.  It was a crazy evening, and I think I have learned to prepare a crockpot meal on Monday mornings to have Monday evening.  

This morning I woke up to Emma yelling to me while I was in the shower that Alyx was vomitting.  Ugh.  Yup.  I went to work for a couple of hours, long enough for them to find a replacement for me for the day and then came straight home.  She's been sleeping most of the morning, and no more vomitting since fingers crossed she's on the mend.

Lots of R&R today, cartoons, and well whatever she wants! =)
Hope you all have a good Tuesday!!


  1. So sorry to hear your precious little girl is sick!!! Those stomach bugs are just the WORST!! Hoping a day of rest will be just what she needed and tomorrow she will wake up feeling better!!

  2. Poor sweet girl and mommy. :o( it's never fun having sick kiddos especially when they are that small. I hope she feels better soon!!

  3. Ohhh no! Poor girlie! Hope she is better soon and nobody else gets it. How did you do it yesterday?? That's a long day!

  4. Your Mondays sound super busy!!
    Field hockey totally intrigues me. It's not played at all where I few up, so to see others play it is so cool.
    Poor Alyx. I sure do hope she feels better soon!