Happy Fall Ya'll =)

It's official.  Summer is over...and Fall is here.  I do love fall, just not what follows fall.  It's actually one of my favorite times of the year =)  And this morning was most definitely a fall morning.  When I brought Emma to school it was 50 degrees outside.  It's warmed up already though =)

By this time every year, I'm almost always completely decorated with all our fall decor.  This year it snuck up way too fast, and I hardly have any decorations out.  I do have a few hints of fall here and there though.
One of my favorite fall pieces is a new sign my mom bought me a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby.  

I'm not sure the place it's hanging now is its forever home, but for now it's hanging in our living room.  I love the colors in it =)

My favorite candle is by far Yankee candles.  And right now if you buy 2 candles, you get 2 candles free!  Think Christmas presents people!  Or birthday gifts!  

This candle is pretty much always lit when we are home.  Apple Pumpkin.  Yankee better never retire this scent, because it's my favorite ;)

And of course following along with Pumpkin, our favorite handsoap is Bath & Body Works.

This is a great scent!  I may run and get more today because honestly I don't want to run out of it =)

The other day I was perusing facebook, and came across a recipe that someone had shared.  It was a video of someone taking a slice of bread, and cutting the crust off and then rolling the bread out thin and then filling it with an apple pie filling.  Have you seen it??  Well, I made it last night, and it was a huge hit and so good!

We served ours warm with caramel sauce and french vanilla ice cream.  You must try this!
Here is the recipe:
Cut the crust off as many slices of bread you want.  Roll the bread out so it's nice and flat.  Fill with apple pie filling.  I had made homemade chunky apple sauce so I used that.  Roll them up.  Dip them in melted butter, and then roll in a cinnamon/sugar mixture.  Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  We baked ours closer to 20 minutes.  That's it!  Super easy and so good =)

While I was making my coffee this morning I came back into the living room to find Alyx sound asleep in the recliner...

She is feeling a lot better today, but still a tad tired.  Hence falling asleep shortly after waking up ;)

And speaking of coffee...have you tried the Caramel Macchiato creamer?  It's a must try as well!

Just a splash of it into your coffee and it's *almost* like Starbucks.  Almost ;)

Hope you all have a great First Day of Fall =)


  1. I love that give thanks sign! I'm going to have to check out our Hobby Lobby here to see if they have it! I'm glad Alyx is feeling better today too!

  2. That sign is so pretty!
    I have zero decorations up. It's hard to pull out the pumpkins and fall colored items when we are still blasting our AC.
    That dessert you made looks so good! We are going to have to give it a try!

  3. Johannah! LOVE LOVE LOVE the sign from Hobby Lobby!! Isn't that place just the best?? Also- we have the same taste in candles- Yankee Candles are my favorite!!