Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!  My weekend to work, but still it's Friday =)
Linking up with Narci, Andrea & Erika, for Friday Favorites!

Does this say Alyx is feeling better or what?!?  She loves these fake glasses of Emma's =)

My brother in law and his family have chickens, and Emma LOVES to go over and get the eggs.  So the other night I took her over to gather eggs so we could have fresh eggs for breakfast.

I'm actually really surprised that Emma isn't scared of the chickens...she actually loves them!  On this certain night she gathered 9 eggs.  And they were delish!

This nailpolish color I am obsessed with!  Normally after it starts to chip, i'm ready for an entirely different color.  But I keep doing my nails in this same color.  It's OPI, Walking in a Vintervonderland =)

Alyx loves to play with my phone, and the other day we were out running errands and she started fussing so I handed my phone to her.  When we got into the car I realized that she took 202 photos in maybe one minute.  

Future photographer, maybe?? ;)

I can't say this is a favorite by any means, but when we picked Emma up from school on Wednesday she said she was really tired.  I thought she just had a long day at school. 

Unfortunately it wasn't just a long day.  My poor Emma came down with a nasty bug.  She said her eyes hurt and her head hurt.  She stayed in bed all day long yesterday.

I've been lacking in getting our fall decorations out.  I thought maybe yesterday it may happen...but it didn't.  I did manage to get some Mums for outside and that definately makes it more fallish feeling.

I can't decide whether or  not to keep these 2 in this planter.  Thoughts?  

I have slowly been redoing Emma's room a bit.  She loves anything Paris themed, so I've been kind of going that route with her decorations and such.  Yesterday I rearranged her dresser with a new lamp I ordered for her.

 It's definately not finished, but I think it looks 100% better than it did before =)
She got the matching sheet set for her birthday that matches the lamp =)

To make Emma feel a bit better last night I whipped up a batch of her favorite cookies...pumpkin chocolate chip =)

I think they made her feel a bit least I think they did ;)

 Is there anything cuter than matching pj's on sisters?  I mean, really!?!?

I may be a bit biased, but I think I have two of the cutest girls around =)

 And lastly...I hope you all have a great Friday and even better weekend!! =)


  1. I was just telling Aaron I wanted some chickens so we could have fresh eggs!! We eat a ton of them and they have gotten so expensive in our area lately!! I don't know if our HOA would be too keen on a chicken coop though...HAHA! Love your Fall nail color and you are right- there is nothing cuter than sisters in matching jammies! LOVE! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your poor girls have had a rough go with sickness. I hope Emma feels better soon!
    I laughed when I saw all of Alyx's "photos". That's happened so many time to me when I've handed the phone to Marcus.
    Emma's room looks so cute! The Paris theme is such a fun and cute one.