What's Up Wednesday {8/26/15}

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1. What we're eating this week?

Well, I love to try new recipes and tonight we are going to have wonton taco cups!  I've never made them before, but they seem super easy and really good!


2. What I'm reminiscing about? 

Summer.  {sigh}  It's seriously almost over.  We had one of the very best summers ever!  I think one of the best things we did this summer is take all electronics from Emma.  She was sooo good about it, and honestly never asked once for any of them back.  We played outside a ton, we watched movies together, and just had fun.  And of course we spent countless hours at the pool =)

3. What I'm loving?

Have you heard the big news?!?  Pumpkin is back in most all coffee shops!  This is a big deal people =)  My most favorite is the hot pumpkin coffee at Dunkin'.  I haven't had one yet this season, but it's on my list!

4. What We've been up to?

School shopping!  Emma starts *4th* grade on Monday.  I can't believe it, but that's for another post.  So we have been doing lots of clothes shopping for her because she had a growth spurt and everything from last year is wayyy too short.

5. What I'm dreading?

Well to be quite honest...school starting.  Like I said, this summer has been amazing.  Yes, i'm ready for a routine again.  But i'll miss the summer nights, and sleeping in.  Emma isn't dreading it though, she's excited!!

6. What I'm working on?

Organizing my kitchen cupboards.  They are a *mess*.  Everytime I open the one that has our plastic containers, everything falls out.  LOL  So that's on my agenda for the next day or two.  And my spice/baking cupboard.  That's a mess too!

7. What I'm excited about?

I love fall...just not what comes after it winter.  I don't want to say that dreaded W word too loud ya know =)

8. What I'm watching/reading?

My absolute favorite shows will be coming back on soon, so I have been rewatching last season a bit so I can remember how everything ended.  To say i'm excited for these shows to come back on is an understatement! haha

If you watch either of these shows then you have probably heard there is a new show following along with it this season, and I am so excited about it!

I love how all 3 shows are kind of intertwined.  If you watch one, you have to watch the other two! 

9. What I'm Listening to?

Always country.  And my radio is always on..

I loved when we drove to Florida and we never once had to mess with radio stations.  Love me some Sirus XM radio =)

10. What I'm wearing?

Well, pj's and no way am I taking a picture of that ;) Haha

11. What I'm doing this weekend?

Working.  It's our weekend to work, so that's where you will find both Brian and I. 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month?

Emma's Birthday =)  She is going to be 9.  Where.Has.The.Time.Gone?!?!  Crazzyyy.  She has mentioned she wants a Harry Potter Birthday party.  This girl is crazy about Harry Potter.  Obsessed is more like it!!

13. What Else is New?

Brian got a promotion at work =)  He was chosen to be a member of the Hostage Negotiation Team.  I'm so proud of him, he puts in a lot of time at work and definately deserves this.  With that being said, along with this promotion comes a week away from home for training for him.  Next month he is leaving for a week to go to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  And unfortunately he is going to be away for Emma's actual birthday.  She's super sad about this, but he will be home for the party =)  And thank god for FaceTime!!

So that's all for today...I hope you all have a fab Wednesday!


  1. Congratulationst your husband on his promotion!! That is awesome! And we love to watch the same shows!! I cannot wait for fall TV to be back!! :) Hope you have a great day!

  2. Johannah! I just commented and realized I was signed in under my husband's google account- HA! Anyway- just wanted to let you know "Aaron" was actually me :)

    1. Haha =) I am soooo excited for the upcoming fall shows to come back too! =) And thank you for the congrats for my hubby! So proud of him, he's worked long and hard for this so we are excited! Have a great day Justine!

  3. I can not wait for Chicago Fire to start again! I love that show!
    I had no idea that pumpkin was back in coffee shops. Guess what I'll be getting on my next coffee run?! :)

  4. Fall is my favorite, but I'm with you, I am not ready for winter.