Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!  It's going to be another HOT day here.  Yesterday was hot.  And I mean hot.  And I think I found out that Alyx is not a fan of the heat.  She was cranky cranky cranky all.day.long.  Sigh.  So we really didn't do much yesterday.  We had plans to take Emma school shopping, but like I said, Alyx was in a mood and just wanted to be home.  So that's what we did, stayed home.  Although we did go out for lunch!

By looking at this picture you would think Alyx was just as happy as could be....but she wasn't! ha =)
We took them to Kobe for lunch, and she wasn't a fan.  It wasn't the food she didn't like it was the little show they put on with the fire and the banging of utensils she didn't like.  She kept saying "Home, Car, Home, Car"  It was kind of sad and pathetic.  But she finally settled down enough to eat some lunch.  It's Emma's favorite restaurant ever =)

Last night this photo was posted by ThePoliceFamily on Instagram =)

That's a little Emma and Brian =)  I remember this picture like it was yesterday and it is one of my favorite pictures ever.  I'm glad they shared it!

Today the girls and I are heading to my parents for the day to use their pool.  I think it may make Alyx happier today, haha =)  Brian is working days today so he isn't able to go with us =(  But at least he'll be home with us this evening!!  

Have a great day everyone =)