Monday {Weekend Recap}

 Monday.  It's not such a bad Monday today only because i'm off from work after working the weekend =)

Our weekend really wasn't filled with lots of fun and excitement, since Brian and I were both working.  Friday when I got out of work, I got home and found that Emma had made us an entire dinner by herself =) 

She made meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  I think she is going to be a good cook when she is older!

It was delish!

One of Alyx's favorite things to do is play up on Emma's bed.  If her toys were up there she could stay there all day I think!

Emma's softball team made our local paper this past week.  Emma loves whenever she is in the paper!

My drive to work on Saturday and Sunday morning were beautiful.  I had to pull over at the country club both days to take pictures of the sunrise.

My pepper plant is producing a ton of peppers! 

I had a co worker of mine pick me up some pickling cukes at the farmers market when she got out of work yesterday.  She got me 5lbs, so that meant pickles needed to be made!  I decided to do bread & butter pickles.

The bowl that the cut up cukes are in was a wedding gift for Brian and I.  I hardly ever use it because it's just so big, but I was able to use it yesterday and that made me happy =)

The cut up cukes had to soak all night in water and salt.  So this morning I finished them off.

And then I canned them.  I got 7 pints out of the 5lbs of pickles.  I guess that's pretty good!  Later this afternoon I think i'm going to try my hand at some watermelon rind pickles/relish.  We'll see how that goes!!  We are spending the day at home today, Alyx out of the blue came down with a fever last night, and she woke up with one this morning.  She's pretty clingy and a bit whiny, so i'm hoping she feels better soon.

I hope you all have a fab Monday!!


  1. Wow! Super impressed Emma made a whole meal for you! She can come cook for me any day. :)
    Those sunrises sure are gorgeous. There isn't enough open space around here to get a really good look at the sun rising. Keep posting those pics - love 'em!

  2. Does Emna mind Alyx up on her bed? My girls hate Leo in their space more often than not but that could be because he's a boy. Look at you go on canning! That's awesome!