Meal Planning

Last week I mentioned how I needed to be more "organized" if you will in the meal department area.  If you missed that post you can find it here.  I'm *always* looking for new ideas for meals.  We get tired of the same old same old all the time.  So this week I decided to do a, Weekly Meal Plan.  So here it is.

 Since I leave for work so early in the morning I find that crockpot meals are my BFF.  However, Brian tires of crockpot meals after a while.  So meals that are easy, and can easily be made after work are good.  

Yesterday I made a Crockpot pulled pork.  I bought a "Boston Butt" as it was called.  I put it in the crockpot around 5am,  with one 12oz bottle of Root Beer.  That's it.  Set it on low, and when Brian woke up at 3pm, he shredded it, and put some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce in it.  It was super good and so easy, and we all loved it.  

I made a quick run to SAMS last night for a couple of things.  And one thing I love from there are their Rotisserie chickens.  They are really good, cheap and they are a good size.  I picked all the chicken off it last night for our meal tonight.  Tonight's dinner is Chicken Ritz bake.

Friday & Saturday night, the kitchen is closed!  Both of those nights we will grab something out.  Maybe pizza or Subway.  Something easy!  

So if you have any recipes that you want to pass along, I would LOVE them!  I always enjoy cooking something new =)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ohhhh... I HAVE to look into that chicken Ritz bake! Sounds DELICIOUS!!!

  2. Meal planning is my best friend. I've been trying to be really good about creating a weekly menu on Sundays and doing all the grocery shopping for the week on Mondays. It takes so much of the dinner time stress away.
    I'm with you - give me all the crock pot dishes. But, Scott is like Brian and gets bored with those quickly. Lately we've been doing a lot of one-skillet meals, and those are *almost* as easy as the crock pot. :)