Friday Favorites

Friday <3  It's a good day. 
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We have somewhat of a busy weekend ahead of us.  Emma has one week of summer vacation left, and we still have a lot of school clothes shopping to do.  Her classroom list is very very small this year, which is great!  She has had a couple of years where we have had to purchase soooo many things for the classroom that it was crazy.  So this weekend we are going to head out clothes shopping for her.  

It's still been hot here the last few days, and Alyx still does not like the heat.  She has been sooo fussy because of it.  I also think she is cutting some more teeth, so that could be part of the issue too.  So yesterday the girls had an "end of summer" celebration at daycare.  They had a small bounce house and a lot of water play outdoors.   The lady from the daycare texted me this picture she took of all the kiddos...

As you can see Alyx HATED the bounce house.  Ohhh this child.  She can be very hard headed, and when she doesn't want to do something...she doesn't do it.  I'll have my hands full with this one I think ;)  hehe

This was a short Friday Favorites, but I hope you all have a fab weekend!!



  1. I'm still laughing at Alyx's face in that picture from yesterday! :) Poor girl!

  2. That picture of Alyx is hysterical.
    Have the best time school shopping! I always loved doing that each year with my mom.