Favorite Things

Happy Monday!  It's the first day of 4th grade today for Miss Emma.  I am just completely blown away by how fast time is going by.  It honestly seems like just yesterday she was going into Pre-K.  I'll do a complete re-cap of the first day of school tomorrow =)  But today I am linking up with Erika & Andrea for, Favorite things! =)

This week we're talking about our Favorite Summer Moment!  And what a perfect day for this, since yesterday was basically our last day of summer vacation.
I can't say I have one single favorite moment this summer...all of them were pretty amazing.  But seeing my girls happy, carefree and having fun was the best!  So today I'm sharing some our favorite summer days we had =)
We spent countless hours at the pool this summer, and we had so much fun!

I'm going to miss pool nights like crazy!  Not only did the girls have a blast at the pool, it also completely wore them both out before bed! haha =) 

One wish I do have, is that we would have gone to the ocean more, but we did go a couple of times and the girls had too much fun playing in the sand and sea =)

Camp.  Camp in the summer is sooo nice.  Relaxing and Fun at all at the same time.

We spent hours out on the water in the kayaks, digging in the sand, playing in the water, eating yummy food, campfires & s'mores.

Our summer was great.  One of the best summers we have had in a long time.  I'm honestly really sad to see Fall come.  Only because once Fall is here...that means winter is coming.

Thank you for a great season, Summer!!


  1. The beach and the pool always make the best summer memories.....and wear the kids out! I love that quote.

  2. You guys had an awesome summer! Can't wait to hear about Emma's first day at school!!

  3. Your summer was one for the books! All that pool and beach time, not to mention camp. So much fun and so many memories!!