Weekend in the Sun

What a weekend we had!  We were busy busy busy all weekend.  And to be honest, I kind of liked it =)

And now here we are, Monday.  

So let's recap the weekend, shall we?

Friday evening we really didn't do a whole lot.  We brought Emma to JoAnn Fabric to let her choose a couple yards of fabric for a sewing project.  And other than that we basically just hung out at home.
But Alyx was very excited about it being the weekend!

I made up a yummy fruit salad for Saturday morning breakfast.  Papaya, Mango & Kiwi.  So good!

Saturday morning we woke up pretty early.  I actually had to wake the girls up.  I hate to do that.  I would much rather have them wake up on their own.  But we had things to do!  It's yard sale season and I was anxious to hit up a few.  Unfortunately I didn't really score anything of any excitement, but Emma did get an entire Wii kit with all the accessories for $2.00!  Crazy!  
After yard sales we hit up the Farmers Market.  I love love the Saturday market in our town.

After the market we headed home for a bit, and then I got the girls ready and we hit up the pool!

We decided to try a new pool in our area.  And i'm glad we did!

Before Emma could swim in the "deep" end, she had to pass a swimming test.  She did awesome, and passed!

Alyx and I sat out for a bit and watched Emma.  Alyx enjoyed her fishies and some water too =)

Emma swam for a couple of hours, and then we headed back home to pick up Brian and head to my parents house for the weekend.  

Anddd of course as soon as we got to my parents, Emma got right into their pool!

We have friends that are up here at their summer home from Georgia, and Emma really wanted Mrs Linda to teach her to sew.  So Saturday evening Emma got a sewing lesson =)

It got kind of late, so they weren't able to make the pillow cases they had intended on making them, but they will in the next week or so.  But Emma now knows how to thread her own machine and fill the bobbins.  She was so excited =)

Sunday morning we woke up around 7ish again, and the first thing Emma said to me was...."Can I go in the pool?"  Of course was the answer!  But not before I got my coffee, hehe =)  

I sat in this spot for almost 15 minutes.  I was getting kind of annoyed, but I got my coffee!

And I was able to enjoy my coffee sitting in the beautiful sun watching Emma swim.

After swimming all morning we had lunch, and then can you guess what we did??  Well, we hit up the pool again!  This time with my cousin and her 2 kids.

Emma's first time ever on a diving board.  She was pretty scared, but let me tell you...she ended up LOVING it!  

She did so good!!

We stayed almost 3 hours, and the kids had so much fun!

After swimming we headed back home.  We honestly had the best weekend we have had in a long time.  As soon as school was let out for the summer, I took all electronics away from Emma.  No Kindle (only for reading) no iPod.  I vowed for more playing outside, and not just for Emma...for all of us.  And so far we've done just that!  

Happy Monday Friends!! =)

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  1. Yep. Best weekend ever. You cannot beat endless days spent at the pool, and it looks like you have a little fish on your hands!