We are sooo close to the weekend!  And my weekend to work, and the weather is suppose to be really nice, and then rain on my days off.  It's always the way it works isn't it?!? 
Does your morning start with coffee everyday?  Mine does!  I'm totally addicted to it.  Like really really bad. 
Yesterday my in-laws took Emma and my niece Haley to the zoo!  Emma was sooo excited!  I stole a couple of my mother in laws photos from facebook to show you.
They saw all kinds of different animals.  From Deer, Black Bears, Lions, Tigers, Panthers, different kinds of monkeys, Kangaroos...yes Kangaroos!  And out of all of these exotic animals they saw I couldn't wait to hear what Emma's favorite was.  So I asked her, and you know what she says?  The Goats were her favorite.  I'm like, Goats?!?!  LOL  Apparently they had just had baby goats and she loved them.  But I think the kangaroos would have been my favorite =)  They had a lot of fun yesterday.
After they got back home, Brian and I took the girls to the pool.  It was sooo hot here yesterday.
Emma was excited to see one of her friends there =)
I think this was Alyx's favorite part...the popsicle!
After the pool we ordered a pizza from our favorite local pizza place =)
This is Brian's favorite toppings, Bacon &'s actually pretty good!
Have a great Thursday everyone!! =)


  1. I cannot start my day without a cup (or two, or 5) of coffee. I just can't wake up and get going without it. If that's the worst addiction I ever deal with I'm a-ok with that. :)

    Haha! Go to the zoo and goats are the favorite. I suppose you can't beat seeing the tiny little goats though.

    Ugh, it's been SO HOT here, too! We are in the pool every afternoon. But, it's been so dang warm that even the pool water feels like bath water. No joke. I hope your pool time is a little more refreshing than ours!

  2. Love the zoo pictures! :) How was your weekend working?