Pool Nights

It's Friday friends!!  Okay, so maybe not technically Friday, but with my work schedule and how crazy the days are...it's technically *my* Friday.  After today I have days off!  Woohoo!  We really have nothing planned, the next couple of days but i'm sure we'll do something fun at some point.

So you are all probably going to get sick of our pool pictures, but right now that's our favorite thing to do!  Winters in Maine are LONG people.  Like really long.  So we are soaking up as much sun and pool time as we can!

I'm so glad we have a pool close by that we can use, and the girls love it =)

We didn't get home until after 7:00, so we had a quick meal of Mac & Cheese.  Or as Alyx calls it "Roni"  she loves it!

After swimming in the evening, the girls are definitely more tired.  Emma has a new found love for sleep masks and insists on wearing each and every night.  She fell asleep last night with it on =)

I'm sure you will find us again tonight at the pool =)  Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I love seeing all the pool pics! Means you're enjoying every ounce of summer.
    So funny that Emma likes sleep masks. Haha!!

  2. I'm just catching up on your blog, I'm a slacker. I love all of Alyx's swimsuits and how much she is growing!!! Your summer looks like so much fun1!!!