Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Friends!  It's technically my Saturday since I worked all weekend =)  Since I did work all weekend I really don't have much of a weekend update.  

We've spent a lot of time this summer outside, and it's been awesome.  And as i've mentioned before...a lot of time at the pool!

The other evening we spent the evening at the pool again, and this time brought along the other Emma, they had a lot of fun!

Poolside selfies with the littlest!

We ended the evening with koolpops!

We've also had a couple of rainy days here and there.

So on days like this, we find something inside to do.  And on this certain day we went to the Library.

We have also had some lazy mornings at home watching cartoons too.

And a lazy afternoon too isn't always a bad thing!

We've also colored outside while making dinner on the grill.  Alyx loves her picnic table!

And boy does Alyx love to be pushed around on the double wheeled scooter!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and a good Monday!!


  1. Summers were made for the pool! Most of my favorite summer memories revolve around pool days.
    And, sometimes a lazy morning and afternoon are just what one needs to recoup for more pool days! :)

  2. Your girls are so so cute! I can't believe how big Alyx looks in some of these photos!

  3. I love that Alyx and Emma, Gunner too, are all sleeping on the couch together! My kids never fall sleep on the couch. :(