Friday Favorites

It's Friiidayyy!!
So that means today i'm linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika!  Like i've mentioned before, it's my favorite linkup!  So join in!

Have I mentioned it's Friday?!?  Well Friends, it's Friday!

At daycare this week the older kids made "Egg" babies.  Basically it's an egg that they decorated, made a bed for it and had to take care of it for 24 hours without breaking it.  Emma loved hers.  She named it Grace.  She rocked it, fed it and put it to bed.  Too cute =)

These girls just make my heart smile over and over again <3

Emma made her and I an icecream sundae the other evening after Alyx went to bed. It was so yummy!

If you didn't check out my post from yesterday, you totally should.  You can find it by clicking HERE =)  I posted about some of my current favorite things.  And i'm still going to rave about how absolutely amazing the wet brush is!  

If you don't have one...after you are done reading this you need to go to a store and buy one! HA! =)  

And lastly.  We are in for a weekend of sun, and fun.  Probably strawberry picking tomorrow morning, some yard sale-ing, and then we are heading to my parents for the rest of the weekend.  I see a lot of pool time in our future!

Happy Friday & Weekend!!!


  1. I love that picture of Emma and Alyx together! And that sundae looks yummy!!! Have a great weekend in the sun and water!

  2. I remember doing the egg baby project when I was younger! Looks like Emma did a great job taking care of hers.
    Your little ladies are just the sweetest.
    Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!!

  3. The egg baby thing is too cute! Thanks for sharing and have a fun weekend!