Update =)

Wow!  It's been a crazy long time since I blogged.  So this morning, i'm actually going to sit down and recap a lot of what's been going on around here!  Be prepared for lots of pictures!!

Emma officially has 3 1/2 more days of school left until Summer break!!  She is beyond excited!  But she is also really quite sad, because she has absolutely loved her teacher this year =)

So let's see...what have we been up to?  Well, lots and lots of softball!  

Emma is on a really great team, with some pretty amazing girls.  And they are all really nice girls, and thankfully all got along great!!

We've spent a couple of nights at the park.  Alyx loves it, but hates to swing!  Last year she LOVED to swing!!

Alyx is also enjoys playing "babies" at home.  She loves her bitty baby.  Carries her around everywhere and it always loving on her and feeding her.

Emma participated in Glee Club at school, and she sooo loved it!  The finaly day of Glee they put on a performance for the parents.  They danced and sang to Uptown Funk, and it was really good!

We've been kind of addicted to Mexican food lately.  Well, I have anyway!  And I have a new obsession with guacamole.  People it's bad!  I make it usually like 3 times a week.  

If you want my recipe, here you go: 2 ripe avocados.  1 lime zested and squeezed onto the avocados.  Then I mash it with a potato masher.  I like mine chunkier and not smooth.  1 tomato diced and deseeded.  1 small red onion finely diced.  And a little cilantro finely chopped.  That's it.  Quick and super easy!  But oh so good =)

We also made chiopotle bowls at home one night.  And I think it will be on the menu this week again at home.  They were really good!

We've done lots of snuggling at home, Alyx spent a couple of days at home not feeling well at all.

We even ran into a snowstorm one day!

My Dad and I had dinner one night while I was home at their house.  It was nice to go out just the 2 of us.

Maine lobster rolls and a can of Moxie.  Doesn't get much better!

We went to our towns Memorial Day parade and managed to get a fairly decent picture of the 4 of us =)

Alyx loves the hose.  She thinks it's her personal water bottle.

More evenings of softball!

Alyx's godmother was home from Florida, and we were able to meet her at the airport before her flight home to say goodbye!!

A lot of evenings have been spent outside playing with chalk =)

We were able to score 4 free tickets to Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes!  It was such a great concert!

we took the Emma's with us.  They are both in love with Mr Hunter Hayes ;)

Emma had her very last Softball game the other day for the season.  She enjoyed it so much, and learned a lot as well.  I think Brian, excuse me, Coach Brian, had just as much fun as the kids!  The last day they ended it with a bbq and awards.

She'll be ready for Softball next year!!!

Lastly, yesterday we painted.  And can I just say, What a mess!!  Haha  But they had so much fun.  Alyx LOVES to paint!  When she first got some paint on her, she was really upset.  But she quickly got over that!

Emma painted a flower pot, and both the girls painted a rock.  I was going to put their rocks out on our front porch, but Emma saw our elderly neighbor outside and really wanted to give it to her.  And she loved it, so i'm glad Emma gave it to her =)

So there's an update of what's been going on around here lately.  I'm going to do my best to blog more since Emma will be out of school.  I hope to be doing a lot of fun things with the girls this summer! =)  Happy Monday!!!


  1. You have been busy!
    Keeping up with Emma and her softball on IG has been so much fun! Softball was my favorite sport to play growing up, and I just love seeing other little girls take to the game.
    Your lobster roll looks amazing! And, I have to ask, what is Moxie?? I've never seen it in the Midwest or out here in LA.
    The little painting party the girl had sure looks like a good time. Ha!!! I love when littles first freak out because they get paint on them.

  2. Looks like a busy but fun month! Alyx's curly hair is just too cute! And that's so fun that Emma's school has a glee club! Hannah would absolutely love that!

  3. Love all the pictures and the update. I'm going to tell you that I am sitting here rocking Leland for nap and haven't had lunch yet so my mouth is literally watering at the mention of guacamole! I have never tried chipotle bowls, but I need that recipe!