How about an update!

I cannot believe I still haven't blogged all about our Disney trip!  In the next couple of days, I will get on that.  I will tell you all that we had a blast!!!  If you follow me on Instagram, or if we're friends on Facebook, you saw my million updates daily.  But for those that haven't...the pictures are coming soon! This morning when my alarm went off at 4:30 to head to work, this is how I was feeling.

*Sigh*  I so miss Disney and everything about it.  I've been wearing my new Alex & Ani bracelet daily to remind me of the most Magical place on Earth =)

The weather has actually been really nice since being home.  We have had a few chilly days here and there, but overall it's been great!  We have gone for lots of walks/bike rides/scooter rides.

This coming week we plan to get our yard work all done around the house.  I'll tell you long winters in Maine do a number on your yards.  Especially with the large town snow plows.  They tore up the front of our lawn pretty good.  It's pretty frustrating, but we'll get it all fixed up!

Alyx continues to make me laugh on a daily basis!  She is so funny.  But she also has quite the little attitude!

The girls had Mac & Cheese the other day for lunch, and Alyx insisted on a "poon" and a fork but then ate with her hands.  And she shoveled it into her mouth with her hands.  She's a riot! 

Mothers day was this past Sunday.  I had to work =(  But we made the best of it!  Emma made me the cutest little thing at school.

I love in her letter she wrote that she doesn't want me to work.  I kept telling Brian, see the girls want me home during the day.  He didn't fall for it and said I still have to work! HA! =)

Emma started Softball last night!  She's been really excited about it.  They don't have team names, they just got by color.  She's on the "Red" team.  They got shirts last night and just basically learned the basics.  And guess who the coach of her team is?  Brian.  Yup!  She's pretty excited about it.  And Brian is actually really excited about it too.  He's a huge baseball fan.  He played baseball all through high school, and has played on adult softball leagues as well. I think it's good for both of them!!

Emma was up to bat.  Just to practice though.

It was really fun last night watching them!  They have a game on Saturday.  Emma is excited, but nervous.  She'll be fine though!
Alyx had fun watching Emma too.  Although she may have been a bit of a distraction.  Alyx kept yelling, "Emmmmaaaaaa!" LOL

Brian sent me this picture of Emma this morning before school.  I think she looked pretty darn cute =)

So that's my update for now!  Like I said...Disney post is coming soon!!! =)


  1. Following your Disney trip on IG was so much fun! You guys packed in a TON of awesome.
    So glad to hear your weather is finally warming up - and no more snow for a while!
    WOOHOO for softball! Definitely one of my all time favorite sports to play. Emma is going to do great!

  2. I'd rather be at Disney too!! :) :) Funny I got a brochure from them today.

  3. So fun that her daddy is her coach! When I played softball when I was little, my dad was my coach too and I loved it!! I'm sure she will have a blast!!
    Can't wait to see more Disney pics!! I am living through your photos! :oP