What's Up Wednesday

It's Wednesday Friends!!  So time for...

To start, as of today, we have 2 days left until we lave for Vacation!  =) =) =)  I will be on vacation for a total of 21 days...soo soo ready for this!

We are taking my moms car to Florida.  She brought it down the other day so we could get it all set up for the kids.  My parents are also going with us, but they are driving in my moms Mustang. 

Selfie the other night with my girls!

Alyx hates when we drop Emma off at school.  She just screams over and over again, "Emma"  It's funny but pathetic at the same time!!

We went to AAA yesterday and on the way back we cruised with the windows down. It was soooo nice out! 

I went to the salon and had my hair cut, colored and highlighted.  It was relaxing and awesome all at the same time.  A little me time!

Alyx and I picked Emma up from school...that's her favorite time of the day!

And then we took Emma to get her hair cut.

I think she looks cute with her hair like this!

We came home to find a fun package from my bestie!  She had her mom make these shirts for the girls, and I just love them!!

Alyx's favorite thing lately are lollipops.  And then she gets sticky sticky sticky!!

We ran to Best Buy last night. I got Alyx a pair of sunglasses about a week ago to try and get her used to them while we are in Florida.  Well she has hated them...that is until she realized yesterday that when you have them on it blocks the sun from your eyes a bit =)  She seemed to love them yesterday!

And they are Minnie Mouse glasses =) 

And lastly...this was Emma from yesterday...

So there you have your, What's Up Wednesday!


  1. You are brave for driving to Florida! I don't know if I could do it with kids! How long is it going to take you guys to get there??

  2. 21 days off?! WOAH! Talk about awesome!
    You're so close to WDW - YAY!!!