So Close!

4 days.  That's how many days until we make the incredibly long drive from Maine to Florida!  To say we are excited is an understatement!  Everyone is telling us we are crazy for driving, and we are thinking of it as an adventure!  It's an awesome way to see the East Coast if you ask me! 

So let's recap a bit.  My niece, Lily, turned 7 the other day and she had a Paris Themed birthday.  Emma thought it was the coolest party ever!  They painted and were able to take home their own easel and paint set.  They also got berets, Eiffel Tower necklaces and earrings.

Alyx has decided that Gunner is not in fact a dog but a horse.

She's crazy people, I tell ya!! haha =)

We are taking my moms car to Florida.  And my parents are driving their mustang.  So we took Nana's car to school and daycare this morning!

And to go along with taking her car, she surprised the girls with this last night.

The girls can each watch their own movie and don't have to watch the same one!  Thanks Nana!

Andddd, get this.  I think winter has finally left Maine!!!

It was sooo nice today, even though I had to work.

And lastly.  In just a few days you will find me here.

Possibly with a fruity drink in my hand.  We can't wait to get to this resort!

We are taking a couple of days to get to Florida.  Friday when we leave we are driving from Maine to Pennsylvania.  Saturday from Pennsylvania to South Carolina and then Sunday South Carolina to Florida.  We wanted to break it up a tad for the girls!  I'm sure i'll blog on our trip, but not a ton!  You can always follow me on Instagram i'm sure i'll be overgramming there (@johannahsirois)


  1. I FULLY expect tons of pictures on Instagram or FB while you are gone. I must live this vacation through your social media outlets!! LOL!! Have a great time!

  2. I def. will be following along on IG! Yay for your trip finally getting here!!!!

  3. looking forward to lots and lots of photos from your trip! You also have the most patient dog ever to let Aylx do that!!

  4. Oh my gosh, your trip is SO close!! You're going to have the best time. And after your long winter, you totally deserve some time in the sun. And, I'm a wee bit jealous of your road trip. You're going to get to see so much along the way! Can't wait to see all the fun you'll be having!