Friday Favorites

It's that time of the week friends!!

Linking up with Erika, Andrea & Narci.  Here are some of my Friday Favs!

Alyx wore her first nightgown last night!  She loved it and I think she thought she was a princess! 

It was a gourmet meal at our house last night!  Grilled cheese, tomato soup and an Angry Orchard.

Can I just say I can't get over the bond that these two girls have.  Emma asked last night to change Alyx's diaper before bed, and while she was helping get her pj's on, Alyx ran to Emma hugged her and wouldn't let her go.  They're so sweet.
And then this morning as I was getting ready for work both girls woke up and cuddled on the couch while I was getting ready.

They love each other and I hope and pray that their bond will always be like this!!

I am finally completely caught up on my very favorite show!  

If you aren't watching this show, you are missing out!  It's soo soo good!

And lastly...

We are ready for Easter!  And I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Your girls together are about the sweetest thing ever. Emma is such an awesome big sister.
    And Alyx in her nightgown? ADORABLE!!

  2. Alyx in her night gown is adorable!!! She looks so grown up and so happy about it!