Easter Weekend

We had a really great Easter Weekend, and I hope you all did as well!  On Friday when I got out of work the weather was Ah-Mazing!  66 degrees and sunny.  Emma went to the movies with her cousin, and Brian and I took Alyx to dinner and then we went and did some last minute Easter shopping.  

Saturday, the weather was horrible.  Cold and it snowed once again.  Can I just say 11 more days until Florida!?!  =)

Sunday morning Brian got up early and made pancakes for breakfast.  I didn't get a picture of them, but he made colored Easter egg pancakes.  =)

And then the girls got to opening their Easter baskets.

As you can see Alyx, was very excited about her pancakes! Ha!

Baskets were pretty simple this year.  Emma's had some candy, a bathing suit and a beach towel in it.  Alyx's had a coloring book & crayons in it, and a lollipop.  And they both got some sidewalk chalk to use outside (if the snow ever melts).

We had Easter dinner at my in-laws.  I love to cook, so I helped out by making a few things to bring up!

Lemon meringue pie, broccoli bake, and raspberry sour cream pie with homemade whipped cream.  I also made an orange salad and a strawberry cheesecake.

All the girls were spoiled with these gigantic chocolate Easter Bunnies from my mother in law.  The little kids got little baskets with some cute clothes and a bunny.

Alyx and Kaden have so much fun playing together!!

My MIL made the best ham!

Soo good!  And Emma was obsessed with the deviled eggs she made =)

Later yesterday afternoon we went over to my brother in laws to see their baby chicks they got their kiddos for Easter.  And let me tell you...they are adorable!!!

Of course all the way home from Emma I heard "Mommy I really want chickens!" Haha =)

So all in all we had a great day!  I hope all of you did too! =)
Happy Monday!!


  1. Yay! what a fun Easter! Those chicks are adorable!!!

  2. Only 11 more days?! Almost to single digits!!!! Your Easter looks like it was a lot of fun! Our friends just got a whole bunch of chicks too; we need to get out and see them yet. :)

  3. Your Easter sounds perfect!
    I love the girls' Easter baskets! Do you reuse them every year? And, where did you find them?
    Oh my gosh, that broccoli bake looks and sounds amazing! Mind sharing the recipe?
    Lastly, I sure hope your weather begins to figure out that it's spring, and soon!