Resort picked!

You all have no idea how much I have been stressing about the resort we are going to be staying at while in Florida!!  My in-laws were gracious enough to "gift" us their timeshare rental that they did not use last year.  And because they didn't use it last year, we paid an extension fee to extend it to this year.  Annnddd because of that we had to do what they call a short booking.  Meaning the check in and check out date had to be reserved within a 50 day period.  Stressful!  So finally we were in that 50 day window.  I made a list of the resorts we wanted to stay at.  And guess what.  NONE of the resorts I picked were available.  Ugh.  But we finally found a place, and i'm so excited about it!!  We are going to be staying at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Orlando.

Looks Beautiful!  And Emma is going to LOVE the pool!!  We're definitely excited!  I've also made reservations for a character breakfast at the Tusker House  at the Animal Kingdom.  I'm really excited about this.  I think Emma will really like and i'm hoping Alyx likes it too!  We've not spent a lot of time before at the Animal Kingdom, so this will be fun!!  44 Days and counting! =)

So let's see, what else have we been up to?  

We had pancakes 2 days in a row.  And one of those days it was National Pancake day.  Who doesn't love pancakes?!?

Alyx is just like Linus from Charlie Brown.  Carries her blanket with her everywhere.  Emma never liked her blankies, but Alyx LOVES hers!

Emma started reading the Harry Potter series.  So far she likes it!  I've never read them, so i'm thinking about reading them along with her.  That way we can talk about them together.  And since we are going to Florida, and reading the Harry Potter books, she will love the Harry Potter land at Islands of Adventure!

I had my first visit with the chiropractor...and loved it!  I felt sooo good after leaving there.  I'm hoping this is helping!

I made a roasted chicken last night for supper that was amazing.  Brian said it's defiantly a new favorite!  

It was delish!!

Alyx and I waiting for Emma to get out of school yesterday...she kept yelling "EMMA" as loud as she could.  It was quite funny =)

The line to pick the kiddos up was long. 

And lastly...last night we were blessed with more snow.  Really?  I'm over it.  Ready for spring/summer.  

Happy Wednesday all!


  1. How fun that you found a resort!!!!!

  2. Yay for getting a place booked and yay for Florida! Pancakes.. yum... those might have to be on the menu this weekend!!!

  3. Your resort looks absolutely awesome!!
    And that pick up line? Eeek. That's certainly one thing I am not looking forward to about school!

  4. The resort looks awesome!!!! Pancakes are the best!! Too bad they are 1000 points for me, so I have to ration them!! You know who has REALLY good pancakes?? Cracker Barrel!

  5. That resort looks amazing!! I'm sure you guys will have an absolute blast!