Let's Recap & a Video

Let's go back 2 weeks ago.  I completely forgot to blog about that weekend.  My moms side of the family had a mini family reunion.  They do this every February, and Brian and I haven't been able to go the last couple of years.  And pretty much last minute my mom called me and basically said, "you're going."  Well there really was no twisting my arm!  So that Saturday early afternoon we headed out!

We drove a little over an hour to our hotel.

The view over looking the ocean was absolutely beautiful...but it was COLD!  I had wanted to bring Emma's snow gear so she could go sliding on the snow out there, but it was just too cold.  So instead of sliding...she went swimming!

She had the pool to herself for quite a while, and then there were tons of people in there!

We headed back to the room for a bit, and Alyx loved looking out the full window door.  She spent a lot of time standing there looking out.

We didn't really do anything that day.  We basically just hung out at the hotel.

Before dinner the entire family met in the lobby for happy hour.  Food, wine and lots of laughs =)  It was really fun getting together with them.  My cousin and her boyfriend had surprised us all by flying in from Chicago for the weekend =)

Emma & Madison were photo bombed by Owen! =)

At dinner for some reason Emma decided she was going to sing for my cousin.  My cousin Katie asked if she could video her, and Emma said that was fine.  Well, we had 27 family members there, plus everyone else that was in the restaurant.  Emma didn't have any idea but the restaurant became super quiet, and even the wait staff came out to watch her.  She did sooo good!  I wish that my cousin had taped the entire thing, because everyone started clapping for her at the end =)

Very proud of her =)

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed we headed home.

Alyx loves waffles and pancakes, but then again...who doesn't?!?
I wish we did more weekends like this, because we really had a lot of fun!  Definitely going again next year! =)

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