It's Friday!!

It's Friday!  And honestly, I'm not so sure why i'm so happy about this...I work all weekend.  And the storm coming our way.  Oh my word.  At this point i'm OVER winter.  Like OVER it.

Yup.  We're in the dark blue area for 15-20" of snow.  More snow.  Just what we need.  Ugh.  Anwayyyyy.

New stroller came yesterday for our Disney trip!!  I didn't want to drag along our huge stroller, and I thought about renting one once we got there.  But with driving, I thought it would be easiest to just bring one with us.  I think i'm going to like this one.  It reclines...perfect for naps at the park, and it has storage underneath and cup holders for us!  Score!

Alyx is loving her blocks that she got for Christmas!  She builds until they fall over =)

After building, she layed down watching Sesame Street...

And then.....

She was out!

She loves her little pull out couch, and loves Sesame Street just as much!!

I love getting pictures from Brian when i'm working.  Alyx woke up right after I left this morning for work.

And she woke up happy!!!

And I guess she wanted to wear a build a bear headband today! =) hehe

Tonight Emma is going to the Father/Daughter Valentines day dance...without Brian =(  He has to work unfortunately, so Brians dad is taking her.  They will have a blast!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!!

Happy Friday all!!!


  1. That is so sweet that Emma's grandpa is taking her tonight. Can't wait to see pics.! Oh, and that umbrella stroller is awesome; I haven't seen those that recline!!!

  2. MORE SNOW?!! Holy smokes, you'll be digging out till July. I hope there's a warmup in your near future!
    How adorable is Alyx on her little couch!
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Poor you and snow!!! We actually have forecasted snow coming through this weekend. I'm ready for just a little. I don't need the amount you have going on there!!!
    I love the stroller. Looks super comfy! We have a Chicco one that we used for most of Emma's life! I hope it survives this trip to Disney as well!!! It was a great weight/size for our last journey!