Happy Monday {a valentine's day recap & dance}

Happy Monday all!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and Valentine's Day of course!!  Thursday night we did up some Valentine's for Emma to bring to school, and Alyx bring to daycare.  

These were simple to make!  I had them printed off on cardstock, wallet size, at Staples.  They do pretty inexpensive printing at Staples.  And then Emma and I cut them out and glued them onto the Sweetheart candy boxes.  Cute and so easy!!

For Alyx we did GoGo squeeze applesauces.  I found these printable tags online, so I had Staples print them off too.  I added some ribbon and a heart with the kids names, and done!  I love these so much better than the little fold in half cheap cards. 


And for their card "boxes" we used mailboxes!  I got Emma's for 80% off at Joann Fabrics, and Alyx's I found at the dollar spot at Target.  Then we decorated them with stickers.

And of course we had to get Emma's teacher something too =)

Friday night was the Father/Daughter Valentines Day dance.  Brian wasn't able to bring Emma because he had to work and was not able to get the night off.  Emma was pretty bummed...as was Brian.  But thankfully Brian's dad offered to be Emma's date that night =)  And they had a lot of fun!!  

Everyone was dressed beautifully and they were all ready to dance their hearts out =)

For Valentines Day, Brian bought Emma and Alyx each their little gifts.  He got them each a teddy bear and Emma a box of chocolates.  Emma was so funny last night.  Her box of chocolates were Russell Stovers, and she turned her bear around and said "Mom the back of my bear even says Russell Steven!"  LOL  I think she meant Russell Stover ;)

And Brian got me another Alex & Ani bracelet.  Love these so much!

I love how all these bracelets have a special meaning.  And we all know I love me some Red Sox! =)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!!


  1. I thought Emma's dress and hair were awesome! I'm waiting for disney to get an Alex and Ani bracelet! You have made me want one!

  2. Emma looks beautiful, I love her dress! The Valentines came out really cute too!

  3. You made some awesome Valentine's! Love them! Emma looked gorgeous for the dance, and I love that her grandpa got to take her. How special!

  4. Seriously, those valentines are perfect! So so cute!