Friday Favorites

I'm linking up again this Friday with Shay, Narci, Erika and Andrea for...


I LOVED coming home after dropping Emma off at school yesterday and seeing this when I walked into the living room...

Isn't that cute?!? =)


Her crazy smile cracks me up!  And she was wearing my favorite MJ outfit =)  I think we will be wearing this a lot since she is growing so fast!!


I came across this picture of Miss Emma from a couple of years ago when we were at Disney. We have 49 Days until we leave for our Disney trip!!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are!! =)


I shouldn't say this is really a Friday Favorite...however...I finally got into my doctor yesterday.  I have been having horrible horrible lower back pain.  To the point where it's not comfortable to either sit or stand.  It's my sciatic nerve, and i'm now on a couple of different meds and I have a referral to see a chiropractor.  Woohoo!  Hopefully now i'll get some relief! 


Future Police Officer??  Emma found Brians hat in the backseat of his car and she thought she should wear it =)


We tried out Alyx's new stroller at the mall yesterday.  I needed to walk around a bit because of my back issues, and it was a perfect time to see if she liked it.  By the look on her face it's clear she liked it!  She didn't want to get out!!

There are my Friday Favorites!  I think you should all link up now too =)

Happy Weekend!!