Friday Favorites

I'm linking up for the first time with Shay, Narci, Andrea & Erika!  One of my favorite blogs ever to read is Shay's.  She and her adorable family just went through the adoption process, of adopting a little girl from China.  Her journey through the entire adoption process is a must read for everyone!  It's inspiring, and their new addition is one lucky girl to have a family love her as much as the Shulls!

I love that today is FRIDAY, and I don't have to set this alarm again until Monday morning!!  Here's to sleeping in a bit longer this weekend =)

We FINALLY got a second carseat for Alyx.  No more taking the other in and taking it out.  If you're a mom, then you know how much of a pain that can be!

These pictures I found on facebook this week, and I laugh at them everytime I look at them!


Emma spent a few days at my parents house, and she was terribly homesick...all because she missed Alyx.  Thank god for Facetime, Emma & Alyx were able to talk and that made Emma happy =)


I'm very very excited about this frying pan!  This was my grandmothers, and it's over 100 years old.  When she moved out of her apartment into the nursing home she gave it to me.  I can recall her making me swedish pancakes on this frying pan every single visit I made with her.  I'm more than excited to have been given this from her.


Emma wanted curly hair for today.  So we braided her hair last night, and well, she got curly hair this morning!

That's all for today friends!  Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday and a Great Weekend!!


  1. I love their Friday link-up! I have been bad at blogging this week. I WANT to blog but haven't found the time. Emma's hair turned out so curly; love it!

  2. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog and I couldn't stop reading. Your girls are adorable! I too have a little girl and always love finding fellow Mamas that I feel I can relate to.

  3. I loved Emma's hair!!! Can you do a blog about Swedish pancakes?!?!?