Let's watch some TV

Alright, who doesn't love a good Reality tv show?!?  I honestly have to say I haven't hardly watched any tv in a really long time.  Like since before Alyx was born.  In the evenings I try to watch a bit of tv, but it doesn't always work out that way.  And last year I was getting up so early for work that I was usually in bed by 7:45-8:00.  This year I work 6am-4pm, so I'm able to stay up a bit longer!  And just in time for The Bachelor to start!  So who's watching it?? 

I honestly have to say i'm not sure what I think of the girls this time around.  There are some really crazy ones!  I guess my 2 favorite are Kelsey & Whitney.  They both seem pretty down to earth.  He gave out the first rose to Britt, and although I think I like her...i'm not sure.  There is something about her that i'm just not so sure of.  The coming weeks will tell all that's for sure!!  So if you're watching, I want to know what you think!!!  

I just finally got caught up on Chicago PD.  Like yesterday.  And tonight the new season premiere is on!  Oh my gosh do I love this show. Like LOVE it!

And last night was the premiere of Chicago Fire.  I have not got caught up from last season yet, but I hope to soon!  I posted on Instagram that I was looking for a new show to watch on Netflix, but I think I now have my tv list full with all these new shows coming up! haha  

And my go to shows, the ones that seem to be on all the time

This show amazes me!  The amount of money some people spend on a vacation home!  HA!  But I love it.  And love to dream! haha

And of course, who doesn't love House Hunters!?!

So since I didn't have much to update on, I just knew you would all want a list of some good shows! haha 

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  1. I love reality TV too. I haven't watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette in a long time, but I turned it on the other night because he's from Iowa, close to my roots... WI. :-)

    I am a total sucker for all the house shows right now. It may not be a good thing though, because now it makes me want our own house even faster!!!!