Happy New Year!


2015 is here and 2014 is in the books!  Our year did not end the way we were hoping.  We all got sick.  And when I mean sick...we were really sick.  All 4 of us came down with a really really  bad stomach bug New Years Eve.  Even though it ended really horribly for us, we still had a great year.  We made lots of great memories, the kids have grown so much!  Emma turned 8 in September and we celebrated Alyx's 1st Birthday in November.  Lots of great stuff to look back on =)  So 2015, we are ready for you and ready for a lot more memories!

So lets back up to being sick.  My poor Alyx was so pitiful.  Just when we thought she was over it, she got another round.  Vomitting, fever, all that yucky stuff.  

She was so cranky, and just wanted to sleep and be held.  I'm sooo glad we are over it, and back to normal!!

Saturday was the first day we were all finally feeling somewhat normal again.  I didn't let Emma go to her basketball practice Friday night, but Saturday morning she had a game.  I found a "lost" christmas gift that I had bought and gave them to her before her game...

A pair of Little Miss Matched Socks =)  And she wore them for basketball, haha

She looked pretty cute in them, and she scored 4 points for her team!  I told her it's probably because she was wearing her "lucky" socks!  Now she says she'll probably wear them every game! ha!

Yesterday Alyx's godmother, Tia, came to spend the day with us.  We really miss her because she has moved to Florida =(  We had a great day with her going to lunch and just hanging out at home and then Saturday evening we brought her to the airport to catch her flight back to Florida.  

And of course Emma had to try out the massage chair at the airport =)  And she's wearing a new shirt that Tia got her from Venice, FL.

We said our "See You Laters" to Tia, and off she went.  We'll see her again in April when we head to Florida for a couple of weeks.  I know the girls are going to miss her.

Did anyone make any New Years Resolutions?  We didn't really make any, other than try to eat a little healthier.  And I also found this on Pinterest that Brian and I have started.  I think it's kind of a great idea!  

I've seen the regular 52 week money challenge, but I think I like the reverse a lot better!  And each week I may add a little extra to it.  I'll let you know at the end of this year how I did!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I'm so sorry you all rang in the new year with a yucky tummy bug. That is definitely not a fun start to the year. :o( but I am glad you are feeling better!

  2. Oh no to all the sickness!! Hopefully you all can enjoy the rest of winter being well!!! Happy 2015!

  3. So sorry to hear you guys were all sick over New Year's! Glad you are feeling better now. And, I was going to say those were probably Emma's lucky socks and she'll want to wear them each week now, ha ha!

  4. HATED seeing all your sick posts on FB. Boooo. I know you said Sat you were all feeling better, but fingers crossed you all are 100% back to normal!! :)