Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all!  Hopefully everyone had a great weekend!  I worked all weekend, so this is my last day in before having a couple off.  Even though I worked, we still managed to have fun!  Emma had her first day of basketball on Saturday.  She loved it!  I asked her what her favorite part was and she said, "We got real jerseys this time, not t-shirts" haha =)  I'll take lots of pictures next time and share =)

I finally got all my Christmas cards mailed out.  They were a little later than normal this year, but that's because I was being super picky and couldn't find just the right card.  I've been  holding off on posting the picture, but since everyone that was getting one should have it by now, here it is...

I pretty much love this picture =)  And you would never know that it was cold cold cold outside!  We had the girls photos done a couple of months ago and I had planned on using those photos for a card, but they weren't Christmasy enough.  So one day after work I took the girls, and Gunner outside and snapped about 200 photos, and finally got a good one!  =)

So what's our Elf "Patch" been up to lately? 

 Well, he was very sick one day.  Some meds and a good nights rest and he was all better.  Emma loved this!

I saw a pin on Pinterest that I fell in love with.  It involved a golden ticket for the "Minivan Express"  Dress in pj's and go look at Christmas lights.  Patch had a hand in this one.

 A golden ticket, a new kids size travel mug, a bucket for popcorn, some candy and a new pair of Christmas socks.  Emma totally freaked when she saw this.  She LOVED it!  So last night we went out looking at lights. And there were definitely some people that went all out with their lights this year! =)

Last night Brian and I along with my father in law went and delivered our neighbors across the street an early Christmas gift.  She just recently lost her job, and her husband is fighting a battle of cancer.  It felt so good to give to someone who truly needed this gift we gave them.  We all cried and hugged.  Sometimes we forget that it's people so close by that need extra help during this season. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Monday!!


  1. You did great on the family Christmas card photo!!!! I need you to do ours!!

    We have those same tickets and drive around doing that at Christmas. It's so much fun! Did Emma enjoy it?

    Okay, I almost cried reading about how you guys went over to your neighbors. I can't imagine what they are going through!! You guys are so sweet to remember them!

  2. Love your Christmas card photo and all the fun things your elf has been doing! Your story about giving back to your neighbors was so heartwarming. I love hearing about things like this!

  3. I'm in love with that first picture too! Way to be a photographer. Anything for the shot, right? Haha. It's perfect and DARLING. Also, your self is pretty creative! I haven't quite succumb to the elf on the shelf yet. Maybe next year?

  4. Your Christmas card photo turned out PERFECT!! The girls are so smiley, and the pup with the head tilt. You nailed it!

    Loved hearing that you were able to help some neighbors this holiday season. What a touching story!

  5. That photo is too perfect! What a precious, precious memory!!!

  6. Loved our photo card!! Thanks for mailing us one. We mailed ours out the other days...maybe one will find its way to you! :oP