Christmas Vacation!

It's officially Christmas Vacation!  Well, it actually started on Friday.  Emma is off from school and doesn't go back until January 6th!  She's pretty excited.  I was suppose to be off from work all week, but I ended up giving back 2 days.  So I work today and tomorrow, then I'm done for the week.  So the reason I gave back 2 days of vacation, is because we are going to Disney in April!!!  I wanted to save my vacation time for it.  We are taking a longer trip than normal because we are actually driving this time.  All the way from Maine to Florida.  Hopefully it will go smoothly! back to last week. 

Emma had a "Sparkle" celebration on Friday at school.  I'm guessing they couldn't say they were having a Christmas party, so they called it a sparkle party.  I decided to make some cookies to send in for Emma's class.  We made the melting snowman cookies.

They were actually super easy to make!  And Emma's class loved them =)

Saturday morning Emma had a basketball game.  And can I just say how awesome her team did!?!  They had only 6 players show up for the game.  The other team had 16 players show up.  Em's team ended up losing 20-24.  For only losing by 4 points and having a ton less girls playing...i'd say they did awesome!!  And Emma made a basket too =)

Miss A is loving her new carseat.  We headed to visit my father in law at the hospital after the game.  He had surgery last Thursday and as of today he is still in the hospital.  They really don't think he is going to be home before Christmas.  All the grandkids are pretty upset about this, but we have told them all that we will make the best of it!!! 

Brian worked all weekend, so the girls and I made the hour trip to my parents Saturday night and spent the night.  And as you can see Emma was playing games on her kindle. 

I honestly cannot believe that Christmas is 3 days away!!  I hope everyone enjoys the week!! =)
Happy Monday!


  1. So exciting you are going to Disney! Those snowman cookies are so cute too! Also, my shirt in that cookie tree post is from Old Navy. I hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  2. Those cookies are seriously too cute!! You did great!! Enjoy your christmas vacation!

  3. Those cookies are adorable. I've seen ones similar on FB and Pinterest and wondered if they were hard to make.

  4. Those cookies turned out awesome!!!
    Enjoy your break and have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I have never seen those cookies; they are seriously cute! How nice that you got to go spend the weekend at your parents. I hope Brian's dad recovers quickly.

  6. I have been worried about you!! A few days and no social media posts!! Glad to see you guys are enjoying your break!! I'm so jealous of your April trip, but we are going in October/November 2015! I'm super excited and I bet you are as well!!