Christmas Recap

Another Christmas season has come and gone again.  This is by far my most favorite time of the year.  And I think my house feels even more cozy with the twinkling of the lights.  I just love it.  We put our Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving this year, and a lot of people asked me why, and well since it's our favorite time of the year, and it so short, why not enjoy it a little longer!  After the near year it will all come down. So anyway...recapping Christmas!
We spent our first Christmas Eve at home this year.  And you know what, It was nice.  We are always on the go and this year we were able to just do things at our own pace.  We always did Christmas Eve at Brians grandparents house, but they have both passed and I kind of enjoy just staying at home.  The girls got matching pajamas from Mrs Clause =)

They looked so cute in them too! =)

For our Christmas Eve dinner we just did appetizers.  And then my father read to Emma and Alyx.  He always reads books to them on Christmas Eve. 

And of course we left a snack for Santa and Rudolph =)

And then off to bed the girls went!  My work does what they call a "Santa Bolo" each year.  They broadcast it on the county's Police/Fire radio channel.  I knew they were going to be doing it, so Brian took out his portable radio and we listened to them do the Santa Bolo.  The girl working actually said our address over the radio and said Santa was last seen getting ready to land on our rooftop!  Emma was in shock!!  I'm so glad my work family was thinking of Emma and did this!

Christmas morning was fun this year...even though I was super sick so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to.  The girls got a ton of stuff!

Emma was a big helper with Alyx and helped her open most all of her gifts.

I made my traditional Monkey bread that we only have once a year =)

Emma finally got her XBox and she was pretty excited about that!

Alyx got an American Girl Bitty Baby.  I got an amazing deal on this.  The entire Bitty Baby set for less than $50.00.  It pays to watch The Today Show on NBC for when they do their Steals & Deals and give you coupon codes =)

Emma got the girl of the year, Isabelle.  My mom gave this to her.  I think she's up to 7 American Girl Dolls now.  Spoiled?  I think so!

Alyx loves her baby.  She carries it around and then will sit on her couch and rock it back and forth.  It's the cutest thing ever!!!  
We didn't do Christmas with Brians family until this past Saturday.  Everyone has been sooo sick.  We still had a good day though.  We all got lots of nice things.  

And my poor Alyx has the stomach bug...bad.  She threw up all day long yesterday and had a fever.  I'm hoping this passes for her soon.  It stinks having a sick baby.  I'm hoping it passes by Emma.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!
We hope you all had a Great Christmas!!!


  1. OMG, I thought Emma was bad off having three AG dolls plus my old one!!! I do love Shawna's use of the Target stuff. I think I'm going to get Emma the wardrobe. I bet Alyx will love her Bitty Baby, ours, Little Sister (her name) has be pretty scuffed up over the years!!!
    Loved all the photos and looks like you had a great one even though you were not feeling well. I hope you all are on the mend!

  2. I know how you feel dealing with the sickies during Christmas. No fun! The girls looked adorable though, and I'm sure they loved all their gifts. I loved American Girl Dolls when I was little, but we haven't started down that road for Brianna ... Yet :-).

  3. Sorry you were sick over Christmas...and that Alyx is sick now. That's no fun! But it looks like the girls got some great things from Santa...they must have been very good this year! :o)

  4. Okay, I need to seriously watch the Today Show next year to see what deals they have! That is awesome! And even cooler is that your work did the Santa broadcast and said that he was last seen at your house! I bet Emma was beyond excited!