We Have Teeth

Well we had a good day yesterday and night with Alyx!  Thankfully!  She has 5 teeth on the top that have come through but not all the way down yet.  So hopefully the most of her pain is gone now.  Her smile is so funny right now because you can see the whites of the teeth on top =)  She's too cute!

It is sooo hard these days to get a good picture of Alyx.  She is on the move constantly.  She's doing really well with walking.  She takes quite a few steps and then eventually sits down very quickly.  She is still doing a lot of crawling =)

Since she is hard to get a good picture of, i'll settle for sleeping pictures.  Seriously, is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby??

I just love when she falls asleep in my arms in the evening =)  She has been going to bed around 6:30-7:00, and then until 8:00, it's me and Emma time.  We've been watching some Christmas movies and cuddling in the recliner.  As much as Emma loves being a big sister and loves Alyx more than anything, it's still super important that Emma get one on one time with us.  So I make sure that happens every evening. 
Miss Emma goes to school today, and then she has the rest of the week off.  She and Brian are going to camp tomorrow night, and staying the night with all the cousins and their dads.  It's a tradition the night before Thanksgiving that Brian and his brothers bring all the kids out there and they stay the night.  Thursday morning i'll pack up and head out there and we'll do our Thanksgiving lunch out there.  Wednesday i'll spend the evening baking in the kitchen, one of my favorite things to do =) 
Happy Tuesday all!!


  1. Hailey hardly ever falls asleep on me anymore. :o( so jealous that Alyx still does.
    And 5 teeth at one time?? Wowza! Poor baby girl!

  2. I am just loving all of your Christmas pictures! It is making me want to hurry and clean my house and unpack all of these of boxes so I can get our decor out. We have started the Christmas movies too. I think we will watch one each night until Christmas. It's so much fun!

  3. Yay for teeth and hopefully the end of cranky! Callie is totally going to be an only child so It's not something I'll deal with I think it's so awesome how you make special time for Emma. Just my outsider opinion. :)

  4. Five teeth?! Hopefully Alyx has some relief now.
    Love the pic of Alyx all snuggled up by the tree. Too precious.

  5. I can't believe you have been dealing with a baby cutting FIVE teeth!! No wonder she has been so icky!!!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!