Things don't always go as planned...

You know the saying, Things don't always go as planned??  Well...That was us yesterday!  I have been so excited for Emma and Alyx's fall pictures.  And included in the pictures we were going to do a "Smash cake" session for Alyx.  Well...Alyx was not in the mood for pictures at all yesterday :/  Like at all.  Ugggh. 

There was squirming away...crying...and just plain not having it.  lol  Our photographer is amazing and she was calm the entire time and just let Alyx do her thing to keep her happy.  She assured us that she got some great photos of her though.

I was certain that once we got the cake out that her mood would turn around and she would dive into the cake!

Well...I was wrong with that!  She wanted nothing to do with the cake.  In fact she got a tiny bit of purple frosting on her fingertip, and you would have thought it was the end of the world.  We ended up putting her blueberry puffs around the side of the cake and she ate those so it made it look like she was actually eating the cake! LOL

And this was Alyx sitting as far away from the balloons I bought as possible.  The balloons might bite ya know! =)

It was an interesting afternoon.  Stressful for me...and hoping the photos came out good!