Sunday Ramblings

So who is all decorated for Christmas??  I am!  I know, I know it's early, however I really wanted to get the inside done because Brian is changing crews at work which meant he is changing the days he works.  So while he had days off the same as me, I wanted his help getting it all done =)  And i'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned here, but he was promoted to Sergeant at work =)   The girls and I are super proud of him!  I know this is something he's wanted for a while now =)

Emma's Elf on the Shelf, Patch, made a very early appearance the other day.  

He decorated her tree and left her an Elf on the Shelf nailpolish kit.  She loved it.  And a cute little card too.  In previous years Emma has been scared to death of Patch...we're hoping this year is better!  

Emma wore Matilda Jane to school the other day, and looked pretty darn cute I think =)  

We were blessed with a little more snow the other day, but thankfully most of it has gone away again.  Emma was excited to wear her new ski pants and boots though =)

Alyx has been doing this cute little head thing for a while now.  If you look at her and say "give me a hug", she puts her head down like this and smiles.  She's too cute!

I gave french braiding a try!  Not bad!  I wish I could do it better, but i'll keep practicing!

Alyx was too funny the other night at my MIL's.  She was feeding Kaden her apple puffs!  Every once in a while she would get a puff into his mouth and take it right back and eat it herself! LOL =)

Lastly, my mother bought the girls this new book.  If you see it in the stores, I highly suggest it.  Emma loved it!  And the illustrations are beautiful.  We enjoyed it last night with hot cocoa.

Happy Sunday all!!! =)