Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is over and done with for another year!  The girls had a blast dressing up and going out to get candy.  I'll have more photos to share later from my real camera, but for now you will have to stick with a couple of iphone pictures.

This year we had Anna from Frozen...and a chicken!  Emma was the same chicken at the same age.  I love this costume, and it kept her really warm.  Surprisingly Emma was the only Anna that I saw!!  There were tons of Elsa's, but no Anna's around our area. 

We stopped at a really cool house that was all decked out in Lego stuff.  The people were even dressed as Lego people.  

I hope you all had a great Trick-or-Treat!!  And I posted this last night on Facebook.
This is exactly how I feel right now!! =) =)