A 1 year Old, some Randoms & A recipe!

We've survived the first few days having a 1 year old!!  She is developing quite the personality now.  The other night we were having supper and I was making faces at her, and she was mimicking me and the faces I was making.  She was so funny!

She makes us all laugh =)

I still can't believe that squishy little baby is an entire year old!  

I have to share my Target haul the other day!  Target is by far my most favorite store ever.  Like ever!!  

Everything was 70% off because it was considered Halloween/Fall items.  I got so many school snacks for Emma that it's crazy!  Plus plastic silver ware tissues and Kool-Aid boxes for her.  All for $28.00.  Normally it would have been over $100 =)

When I find a new recipe, I love to share them.  The other night I made this Fajita Chicken Bake.  It was a big hit and something that we will probably end up making a lot.  And it's probably one of the easiest meals ever!!

I didn't get a picture of it after it was baked, so this is pre oven.  You must try this recipe...trust me you'll love it!  

So glad this is Friday!  It's our weekend off, and we are celebrating Miss Alyx's birthday on Sunday.  Today after work i'm heading to see a specialist for my hand.  I'm certain that I have stupid carpal tunnel.  Ugggh.  I'm having an EMG today, so hopefully I will find out soon what my options are!

Well, Happy Friday & Happy Weekend All! =)


  1. Her little right dimple is THE cutest!

  2. I headed to Target after seeing the haul you got! Such steals!!! And I am totally going to have to try that supper because it sounds delicious!

  3. We missed out on the Ghoul juice! Oh Well.

    Alyx is adorable!

  4. that's an awesome deal at Target!! I love buying ahead like that (or even using it off season).

  5. LOVED seeing all the pics of Miss Alyx this weekend! Looks like the party girl had herself quiet a good time. :)
    Target. Yes, please. That's pretty much my favorite "vacation" when I'm able to slip out of the house kid-less.
    That fajita dish is on my list of 'must makes'. I'm all for easy and delicious!