Weekend Recap!

It wasn't a very exciting Weekend here.  It was my weekend to work, so the girls spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday with my inlaws.  My parents came down on Sunday afternoon.  My mom watched Alyx, and my dad took Emma out for lunch to a Japanese steak house.  She said they had a blast!  

So let's back up to Friday.  It was super cold and rainy in the morning.  

Alys has been loving playing with all these toys that were Emma's =)

I scored this awesome deal at Target for Alyx for next year.  Speedo neoprene lifejacket for $5.98!  

Saturday I made meatloaf for dinner...and well yeah Alyx loved it =)

There is nothing this girl doesn't like!

Saturday night the girls along with my niece Haley spent the night at my inlaws.

They were all piled into bed getting ready to watch a movie =)

Tonight Emma has her last Field Hockey game of the year.  She loves this sport now, and she already can't wait for next season for it to start!

And it was defiantly Monday morning for me today.  Last night I forgot to get the girls stuff ready for school and daycare.  So I scrambled around at 3:30 this morning to get it ready.  Also I never packed my lunch last night for today.  I left the house to come to work at 4:15 and forgot my debit card at home, and realized I needed gas.  I had to turn around and go back home to get it.  Needless to say I have to  be at work at 5:00 am, and I walked through the door at 4:58.  2 minutes to spare!  Let's hope the rest of the day goes better!  
Happy Monday!


  1. I love Emma's shirt! :-) Hope your Monday goes smoother from here on out!

  2. My Monday is being spent in bed, not feeling well.