Two Little Pumpkins

We took our little pumpkins to the pumpkin patch on Saturday to pick out the best pumpkins we could find!  I really wanted to take the girls to pick their own pumpkins right from the patch, but we were a little late this year and they had already been picked.  So we had to choose from ones that were picked.  But let me tell you...they had a ton of pumpkins to choose from!

Alyx was cracking us up with this little head tilt she has going on! haha

She enjoyed sitting in a box full o' pumpkins =)

My girls and I =)
  (And this picture totally proves to me that I need to go on a diet! ha!)

We had a good time, and our next weekend off we will carve them!

Later Saturday night we had gone out for a while with the girls.  When we came home, Brian put Alyx up on the table in her carseat and I went to get her out.  When I took the blanket off her lap I found a small box sitting her lap wrapped in the blanket with her.  And this is what I found =)

Needless to say I cried.  Brian was kinda shocked at my reaction! haha  I don't normally get very emotional about stuff like this, but I guess the timing for it was right and I am pretty much in love with it.  Emma wants her own Alex & Ani bracelet now too =) 

Last night in our house was r.o.u.g.h.  Brian brought Alyx to the Dr this morning...and yet again another ear infection.  I can't even tell you how tired of these ear infections I am.  She has a well child check next week and I'm going to speak to our Dr about seeing an ENT.  I think this is her 6th ear infection since she was born.  I'm ready to be done with it! ha!

Hope you all enjoy your Monday...and Columbus Day at that!! =)


  1. Your pumpkin patch looks gorgeous! And, I can't tell you how jealous I am that you needed long sleeves to pick your pumpkins.
    How sweet of Brain. Husband of the year!
    I sure hope Alyx gets to feeling better. Ear infections are the worst.

  2. How cute is Alyx on top of those pumpkins!! Looks like the girls had a blast picking them out. And boo to ear infections - they are the worst - sounds like time for that referral - I hope you find some answers! That braclet is super cute and love the way he gave it to you! Hope your week is going better with miss Alyx health!

  3. It's totally national pumpkin patch post day!! :) And Alyx sitting on those pumpkins? I die.

  4. Super bummed about Alyx and another ear infection, but these pictures are so precious!!!