Oh Monday.

Why must weekends go by so fast?  My morning started out kind of like this.

Wayyyy too early.  And I went to bed a little later than I normally do.  So tonight will definitely be an early night to bed!  At least I have some down time this morning to get some blogging done =)

We had a really great weekend.  Friday night Brian had to work, so I took the girls to my parents house for the night.  My parents had no idea we were coming up there so they were excited to see them!  And me too of course =)

Saturday morning my dad took Emma to a hunters breakfast bright and early, and then they came back with coffee from D&D for me...yumm!

Later in the afternoon we went grocery shopping with my mom.  Alyx was looking pretty cute Saturday if I do say so myself =)

And then Emma and I went to the park.  We didn't stay as long as she wanted because, well let's face it was cold. 

This kid could flip on bars all.day.long.  And when we leave the park it's always, "just one more time" Haha

Alyx isn't quite sure what to think of the Curious George Jack in the Box.  She likes it, but I think it also kind of freaks her out a bit.

And I think Miss Emma wanted to stay in her pj's all day yesterday and lay in bed at Nana's and watch tv. 

We got home yesterday afternoon and Brian watched the Patriots game while I grocery shopped.  We decided on making homemade Chinese last night.  It was so much better than take out Chinese too!

 The beef and brocolli was the best ever!  I'll have to share the recipe soon!

Well...Happy Monday all!!


  1. Alyx is growing so much!
    How fun that you surprised your parents and such a great weekend.
    Emma's flipping on the bars sounds just like us with swings. :)

  2. That is a very early morning! Yuck! But I'm glad you were able to sneak in some fun! And hey, you got to watch the Patriots beat up on our Bears. And your Chinese looks delicious. I wish my husband would eat beef so I could make it!

  3. Just seeing your alarm makes me cringe! Ugh . . . I don't know how you do it!