Fall Swap Reveal!

Who doesn't like a good swap and meeting new blogger friends?!?   I was so excited back about a month ago to find that one of my favorite bloggers Desiree at Macke Monologues, posted about a Fall Swap!  

I was paired with Ang from MeanAng.  2 East coast girls paired together!  Ang sent me some really great stuff!  

An awesome smelling apple candle, 3 kitchen cloths, some chocolate pumpkins, carmel candy apple lollipops and a Dunkin Donuts gift card!


I love getting to know new bloggers, and it's been fun getting to know Ang.   The carmel apple pops were quickly opened by Emma.  She thinks they are hers! lol  I've been burning the apple candle in my kitchen and it smells ohhh sooo good!  And the Dunkin card is tucked away in my wallet for a day when i'm in desperate need of a good cup of coffee =)  The dish cloths are super cute, and I didn't have any falls ones so I was super happy to get some!  And the chocolates have been hidden from Emma...and Brian.  LOL =) 
Thanks again Ang for all the awesome stuff!  It's been nice getting to know you!!