Catching up!

Where do I even start??  What have we been up to lately.  Well, I can tell you I have been sick.  Ugh.  I have a rotten cold that is kicking my butt.  We're on a week and a half now with this yuckyness and i'm ready for it to be g-o-n-e.  Emma's had it.  The baby has had it.  Brian feels like he's starting to get it.  I think we just need one really nice day for me to open all the windows in my house and air it out and get all the germs out! 

So on we go.  Emma is rocking at field hockey!  She has come so far since that first day she started when she got into the car and said she wasn't going back.  haha  Now she plays non stop at home.  So Monday night we had field hockey.  And oh my word it was cold!!!

We had Alyx wrapped up nice and tight.  Plus under this she had on footie pj's and then a fleece one piece over her pj's!  She was toasty!

That's Emma in the pink top, pink skirt, black leggings and lime green socks!  I'm so proud of her!!  They have played all their games against our neighboring town.  They are all doing great!!

We've done a lot of just staying home and playing.  Thank god Alyx will still stay in her exersaucer for short periods of time.  If not, I'm not sure how I would get my showers in.  This girl is everywhere these days!

We've also been cooking and baking up a storm here!

Pumpkin chip cookies have become pretty much a staple in our house during the fall months.

I always always use this brand of canned pumpkin.  It's by far the best.  And it's made in Maine.  So if you can buy it where you're some!  It's amazing!!

We've also made apple crisp...soo good!

This was pre going into the oven.  It's my mother in laws recipe, and it's good!

I've also made corn chowder.  I love soups/chowders on cold days.  And yesterday was a perfect day for it.

We had Emma's Parent/Teacher conference yesterday.  I was really anxious to talk to her teacher about Math.  Emma does really well in school but has always struggled a bit with Math.  And with this new Common core Math that they are teaching...I don't get it!  And to be quite honest, I hate it.  It's frustrating for both Emma and I in the evenings when we sit down to do her homework because i'm not able to help her as much as I should.  So I was really glad to finally talk to her teacher about this, and her teacher actually had a lot of the same feelings about common core math as I do.  I'm hoping that someday they will go back to teaching Math the "normal" way!

And of course we had to take a pic in front of the school =)

Yesterday morning we had a huge thunderstorm roll in.  And it rained and rained like crazy.  I had Alyx up on Emma's bed looking out the window and Gunner jumped up with her.  These two are crazy in love with each other.

<3 Love these 2. 

Brian and I have a date night coming up next week, and I honestly can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about it!  He and I don't get to out just the two of us as often as I think we should.  But with 2 kids, and both of us working crazy schedules, it's kind of difficult some times to find the time.  But I think we really need to make the time more often.  We are planning on going to a taping of a local nite show they do here.  Think kind of light David Letterman or Jay Leno.  Only done by a local guy.  And then out to dinner.  I'm thinking we'll probably do sushi somewhere.  Can you tell i'm a tad bit excited?!? 

It's Thursday so work today, and tomorrow and then we have the weekend off =) =) =)


  1. I totally agree with you on the Common Core math. Our state has "done away with it" but basically it is still mainly the way math is taught. Its crazy that I can't do 2nd grade math! Ugh!!!

    Hope your date night is amazing! And sushi...... yum!!!! Jealous!

  2. Your fall weather has me jealous. I'm DYING to bust out some good soup recipes, but it's just been too dang hot. And, apple crisp? Yes, I'm ready to make that too.
    Yay for Emma doing so well with her field hockey!!
    And, the biggest WOOHOO for the upcoming date night!

  3. I'm not looking forward to common core math in a few years... or the whole curriculum! I hope they are able to change it soon. Also, how cool is it that Emma plays field hockey?! I was a lacrosse player and those kind of sports hit a sweet spot for me.