What we've been up to & Meals

Hey all!  So what have we been up to lately....

Well...chasing after this little thing!  Oh my word people...she is all over the place now!  It's crazy.  Much more busy than Emma ever was! haha  But I love it!!

We are also loving pumpkin ice cream!  We stopped at a local ice cream shop to try it, and Alyx loved it too of course!

After required a bath

She loves bathtime!!!

We have got ourselves into a good routine of Emma coming straight home from school and getting her homework done.  Every night she has a page of math, a page of spelling and they want her reading a book for at least 20 mins each night.

This past weekend was our towns festival, Riverfest.  We had a lot of fun!

Brians dad was selling baked potatoes at Riverfest for the Knights of Columbus, and Alyx wanted to help =)  

Saturday evening we went out to camp for a BBQ.  It's such a pretty drive there.

Emma toasted marshmallows for s'mores!  Soo good!!

Yesterday we went apple picking...but I haven't uploaded the photos from that yet.  Soon! 

And lastly, what are you all cooking for meals lately??  I'm in a meal funk...bad!!!  I've posted about this before and have got some really awesome meal ideas...so i'm doing it again!  I like simple, easy but really yummy! 


  1. love it when the kiddos start moving - so much fun! Way to go getting Emma doing the homework right away too. Make so much sense but so hard to do! :)

  2. Here are a few of our recent favs--
    Parmesan Meatloaf

    Orange Chicken

  3. When the littles get going is when the fun really begins. :)
    Your area is absolutely GORGEOUS this time of year!! All the trees changing color - love it!
    I think maybe I've told you about crock pot tacos?
    4 chicken breast
    1 packet taco seasoning
    8-12 oz (depending how "wet" you want your tacos) of your favorite salsa
    Throw it all in a crockpot (high for 2-3 hours, low for 6-8 hours).
    Shred the chicken.
    Add your favorite toppings and dinner is ready!

  4. The bubble picture of Alyx is incredibly adorable. I make a lot of things in the crock pot now that the weather is cooling off. Pulled pork, stew, etc. I can send you some recipes. :)