We love the Park

The weekend has yet again come to an end...that's ok though with me since I have the next couple of days off!  Our weekend wasn't too bad, but Brian and I both had to work.  Saturday evening rained, but last night was a beautiful what felt like fall evening.  I brought the girls to the park since those days are quickly coming to an end.  

Alyx loves to swing.  I mean LOVES to swing!  The smiles and giggles out of this girl makes my heart smile =)  When I was watching these 2 last night, I kept thinking to myself, next summer is going to be totally different.  Alyx is going to be running all over the place.  So for now, i'm enjoying just pushing her in the swing =)  

I love love this little girl to pieces.  She has grown into the sweetest, kindest little lady.  She has a heart of gold, Miss Emma.
We have lucked out with the park this year, it seems like we are the only ones ever there in the evenings!
This face cracks me up!!!  

Anddd...if you look closely you can see those 2 bottom teeth coming in!!  My baby is growing too fast!!!

Tonight Emma has her first night of Field Hockey!  I am hoping and praying she loves it!!  

Happy Monday all!! =)


  1. LOVE that black and white shot of them on the swings! So sweet and I love the light, definitely a framer!

  2. Your pictures are getting SO good! Love the black and white one! :-)

  3. Your girls are just adorable! That b/w picture is frame worthy. :)

  4. Emma is such a great big sister. That shot of both the girls from behind is just so sweet.

  5. Looks like a great night at the park. I love the b&W photo of the girls from behind. That's one to frame for sure!