Sports, Park & Coffee...Yeah Random!

The weekend is almost here guys!!  We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Emma's best friends birthday party is Saturday, and then Sunday we are having Emma's birthday party!  I can't believe my little girl is going to be 8 years old next week.  How did this happen?!?!  Crazy!!

So what have we been up to lately?  Well...Alyx is back on her nebulizer again.  Ugh.  She can't get rid of this darn crud.  She takes the nebulizer so good.

Monday Emma started Field Hockey!

Field Hockey is kind of like Ice Hockey, but on grass.  And it's mainly only girls that play.  

Alyx enjoyed watching her big sister play!

So the census with Emma and Field Hockey after the first day?  She didn't like it =(  I want her to continue with it, only because it was the first day and all.  And they really didn't get into playing a whole lot.  I think the more she actually plays she will like it.  And it's only once a week on Monday evenings.  So we'll keep our fingers crossed that she will have more fun!!

Last night we spent the evening at the park.  Imagine right?!?  Haha  It was a really nice night, not hot but a little chill in the air.  I think fall is quickly on it's way to our area.

Me and my girls <3 

Emma is still really liking school this year and really liking her teacher.  She has also found a love for reading in just over a week. She has been reading some of the Magic Tree House books.  They are chapter books, and last night she read straight for over an hour.  She just absolutely loves them!

We had a rough night last night.  Alyx ended up waking up at 1am, and did not want to fall back asleep.  What stinks is I have to get up at 3:30am to get ready for work.  So we sat in the living room and watched tv.  She was quite fussy so i'm thinking maybe teething?  So as soon as I got to work it was time for this...

There will be lots and lots of coffee consumed today!!


  1. ouch that's a long time to be awake! I hope coffee helps and u get some sleep soon! Yay for birthdays happy early birthday Emma!!

  2. Eek! So early to be awake. Coffee always helps though. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, didn't Emma just celebrate turning *7*?! Wow!
    Poor Alyx. It's great to see/hear that she is so good with the nebulizer. We were very familiar with the nebulizer the first year of Marcus's life. Hopefully you'll be done with that thing soon.
    Enjoy your Fall weather. We're hitting temps around 100 this week. Oy.

  4. How fun that you guys spend so much time at the park! Ry has really been into Magic Tree House books too. I think she has read most of them. In fact, tonight she has on yet another audiobook from Magic treehouse as she is going to sleep. Another series she likes that Emma may like are the rainbow fairy books.

  5. I wish we had field hockey around looks fun! Maybe Emma will like it a bit more after a few more practices!
    Love the photo of you with your girls. So sweet!!

  6. Poor baby! I hope she can kick it asap! The viruses seem to be SO bad right now! No fun!
    I didn't know there was such a thing as field hockey! How fun!
    Enjoy your park time! We are trying to soak up the park days as much as possible before it gets too cold!

  7. What gorgeous girls you have! That's so great that Emma is loving school! And I'm with you, thank goodness for Keurig!

  8. Bummer about the field hockey but hopefully she likes it better next time! Raya is so funny, so plays soccer and claims to love it, but I know the real reason she likes it is b/c she gets snacks after each game! LOL

  9. She just has the best eyelashes! Ady has some SUPER long black eyelashes, but they don't curl up so you really can't see them too well unless she's sleeping!