Random Post

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago now that Emma started field hockey.  First time she didn't care for it at all.  Second time, she really liked it!  

We haven't purchased a stick yet for her, right now she is using the Rec Centers stick.  I figured before I go spend a ton of money on one, I better see if she likes it first!  Monday she has her first game...i'm anxious to see how all the kids do!!

Last night I took Emma to BAM to get a few books.  Oh my word she is obsessed with the Magic Tree House books!  She got a gift card for her birthday, and you know it was burning a hole in her pocket!  She picked out 3 great books, and then we went to Sweet Frog!

We <3 SweetFrog!!!  And my oh my how my Friday nights have changed!! 
Have a great weekend all!  And be sure to check out my previous post about Emma's Birthday!

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