Weekend Recap

The weekend is yet again over, and here we are at Monday.  And back at work.  I wish weekends were much longer! ha!

Friday night Brian and I went to a wedding.  And went without the kiddos!  My mom came down and stayed with the girls while we went out.  We had so much fun!  It was nice to get out and have some adult time =)

The wedding was absolutely Beautiful!!  The Bride was escorted down the aisle by her brother, and they both looked beautiful and handsome!  They were married and had their reception at the same place that Brian and I were married =)

All the details were perfect.  She thought of everything!  Her theme was rustic.  So there was a lot of burlap involved, but very tastefully done.  We had a great evening! 

Saturday morning since my mom was down, we headed to the mall and did some shopping.  We went into Claires, which seems to be a favorite of Emma's recently.  She tried on a pair of glasses and looked like such a goober!! 

Eyes crossed and all!  She's such a funny girl!!

After my mom treated us to lunch at The Olive Garden =)

Saturday afternoon was a great day for a nap for me and Miss A!

That evening Brian had to work, so I treated Emma to Sweet Frog.  I think I like that place just as much as she does!!

After our yogurt we had to stop and see Brian at work.  When we were leaving there, I had my hands full, with a stroller and diaper bag, and Emma right behind me.  The door closed behind me and hit me in back of my foot and let me tell you it hurt like you wouldn't believe.  And blood immediately started pouring out.  I was sooo mad because there was a couple waiting to get in, and saw me juggling everything, you know trying to open a door with a stroller and two bags and they just stood there and watched.  I wanted to say, "Thank you for grabbing the door for me!" Jerks! ha!  Anyway, moral to my story, I needed a band aid so we stopped to see Brian.  While we were visiting him Emma got her fingerprints done and we filled out a Child Identification booklet.  She thought it was the coolest thing ever =)

Annndddd...Look who has learned to pull herself up in her crib!

She is pretty proud of herself!  She just stands there and laughs and laughs!  But now I'm afraid she is going to fall out, so we need to lower the mattress.  She's so funny =)

Yesterday we went and did some school shopping for Emma.  She starts school on September 2nd.  She is very excited to go back!  She got a brand new teacher this year.  It's her first year teaching, but she seems like she is going to be a great addition to the school.  She did some substituting last year, and my niece had her and loved her.  So I think Emma will have a great year!  And she has a blog, and I love that she will update it every day!!  But back to clothes, we got some really awesome deals at Gap for Emma.  I'm having a super duper hard time finding jeans that fit her.  She's on the shorter side so everything is too long.  But her legs are so firm and muscular from gymnastics, that a lot of jeans are too tight on her thighs.  BUT, Gap has jeans that fit her perfectly!  So I stocked up on those =)  And a lot of their shirts were on sale for less than $10.  I think I got 5 or 6 of those.  I made an online order to Old Navy for a bunch of stuff too.  All we have left basically is a new backpack.  And then her school supply stuff =)

Happy Monday all!!


  1. The wedding looked beautiful!

    Emma cracks me up in those glasses! BTW, love her thick, beautiful ponytail!

  2. I bet that wedding conjured up some great memories for you and Brian.
    That picture of you and Alyx at nap time - her little eyes looking up at you - SO SWEET!!